Municipal Party Committee Parking System Project
Municipal Party Committee Parking System Project


This is a government project. According to the calculation of traditional parking lot, the area of 1100 square meters can only accommodate 66 vehicles but the daily average demand for parking spaces is 200. in the face of this parking problem, the project leader of the government contacted BL Smart parking. Our engineers have customized the "tower parking" solution for the project due to its limited area and high demand for parking spaces. with the same floor area, there can be up to 216 parking spaces with 7 floors. This plan is highly recognized by the owner. it will solve the problem of parking more than expected. the modern appearance will also become the beautiful scenery of the city.
  • Type: Vertical lifting parking
  • Number of parking spaces: 216
  • Model: PCS07
  • Location: Hebei province, China
  • Time: March, 2020
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