Advantages of Smart Parking System
Advantages of Smart Parking System
Apr 18 2022

Advantages of Smart Parking System

  • Convenient access, eliminating the worries of novice drivers

    The width of the upper and lower parking spaces is 2.3m, and there is no artificial "narrow door" of the second-floor lifting and traverse mechanical garage, there is no difference between the lower parking and the natural parking. the upper parking is a movable board that falls on the road after rotating 90 degrees. The vehicle access is straightway without turning and does not reverse. Therefore, the upper parking space of this type of garage is especially suitable for novices who are not skilled in parking and picking up.

  • High safety and reliability

    One parking space and one system, and the failure rate are less than 1 / 5 of the second-floor lifting and transverse parking garage; Simple structure, high safety, high reliability, and low failure rate; Even if there is a fault, the upper car can be picked up manually before it is repaired, and the whole garage will not be unable to pick up the car. The management office does not need to worry about the customer's inability to pick up the car.

  • Operating economy

    The power consumption of each vehicle is about 0.07kwh, and there is no need for the administrator to operate in the parking space. Compared with the fixed parking lot, there is no need to increase the management personnel.

  • Low noise and low maintenance cost

    Simple mechanical motion equipment controlled by a single chip microcomputer can be maintained by ordinary electricians; The maintenance cost of each parking space is about 10USD/ month. Within one year after the installation of the parking space, the manufacturer will assign special personnel to inspect and maintain the parking space three times free of charge in the third, sixth, and 12th months. After one year, for parking stands that circulate up and down less than 10 times a day, add butter at the designated refueling place every six months to one year. For parking stands that circulate up and down more than 10 times a day, increase the refueling times appropriately.

  • Small floor area, low construction cost and no traffic jam

    When the parking space on the lower floor is in the state of parking, the traffic jam phenomenon on the whole road is the same as that of the traditional garage; there will be no traffic jam on the road when the upper parking space is stored and picked up because the rotated parking space only occupies 2.3m of the road until it falls to the ground, which will not affect the passage of other vehicles. compared with the two-floors lifting sliding parking system, it can save about 20% of the site construction area and lower the construction cost.

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