Apartment-Vertical Rotary


The project is located in replacement building area with large population and severe parking problem. The existing ground parking space can no longer meet the daily parking needs of the residents. The property of the estate seek professional parking support from BL Smart Parking, wish to build a parking system on an area of 1,000 square meters to meet the daily parking needs of 600 parking spaces. Our company has designed professional proposals according to the conditions of this estate. And finally customer chose the vertical rotary mechanical parking system. One set of this parking system can park 12 cars on an area of 31 square meters. The project was completed in October,2019 with a total of 660 parking spaces, which greatly solves the parking needs and parking efficiency of the estate.
  • Type: vertical rotary parking
  • Number of parking spaces: 660
  • Model: PCX07
  • Location: Hebei province, China
  • Time: December 2019
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