China's first intelligent three-dimensional parking garage charging station put into operation
China's first intelligent three-dimensional parking garage charging station put into operation
Dec 27 2019
Recently, the charging pile of the intelligent three-dimensional parking garage built by special power and State Grid has passed the acceptance and put into operation. This is the first automatic charging project of high-rise three-dimensional parking garage put into operation in China. The project adopts the combination of three-dimensional parking and charging products to realize the integrated control of electric vehicle parking and charging, solve the problems of "difficult parking" and "difficult charging" in the urban core area, and create a new mode of integration of three-dimensional parking and charging technology and urban intelligent transportation.
According to the characteristics of long charging cable and potential safety hazard in high-rise parking garage, a 7kw AC group technology scheme is developed, which is mainly composed of 42kw group charging control cabinet, centralized control unit, connector and receiving terminal. 42kw group charging control cabinet is the power distribution unit of the whole system, which can provide 7KW / parking space charging power for 6 parking spaces, and has a variety of protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, leakage, short circuit, etc. The centralized control unit mainly realizes the integrated control of charging management and parking management, which is the core control unit of the whole system. The connector mainly realizes the continuous charging of the parking space in the process of moving, and the receiving terminal can automatically receive the gun line, so as to avoid the potential safety hazard caused by the cable dragging in the moving process of the three-dimensional garage.
In the future, with the continuous improvement of the new technologies of artificial intelligence and automatic charging, the charging station of intelligent parking garage will provide users with services such as finding parking space, parking navigation, booking charging, automatic charging, mobile payment, etc., making travel more intelligent and convenient.
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