How to choose smart parking systems
How to choose smart parking systems
Feb 10 2022

How to choose smart parking systems

  • The following factors should be considered when designing and selecting the type of smart parking system: The capacity of the parking garage, Specifications of parked vehicles, Storage (retrieval) time of parking garage, The radius of the area served by the parking garage, Parking lot and parking mode, Parking time and space analysis, Hour coefficient, Characteristics of parking groups, Parking space turnover rate, and the charge management.

  • Only on the basis of analyzing the above factors, can we correctly choose what type of equipment to use, and make a selection design based on the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, different types of mechanical parking equipment have their own unique advantages. Only when they are selected correctly, can the function of parking equipment be brought into full play.

BL Smart Parking Co.,Ltd can be provided types as below:
  • Puzzle parking has strong adaptability to the site. It can be built on the ground or underground. The scale can be large or small. It can have several dozen parking spaces or hundreds of thousands of parking spaces. The equipment is simple, reliable, easy to use, and low in price. At present, it is widely used in the market, with a utilization rate of more than 80%.
  • Tower parking's biggest advantage is the highest plane and space utilization rate. It only needs one square meter of the construction area to park a car. It also has the advantages of high performance, power saving, low noise, fast storage (retrieval), safety and reliability, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It is most suitable to be built in highly prosperous downtown areas and vehicle parking gathering points, such as large shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, etc.
  • Vertical rotary parking has the characteristics of land saving (small floor area), convenience (One button can complete access car ), rapidity (short shunting time), flexibility (flexible setting), reliability (less maintenance), economy (saving a lot of land purchase cost) and energy-saving (no forced ventilation and large-area lighting).
  • Horizontal Shifting Parking can be built into a large-scale and automatic garage, which has high vehicle density and fast vehicle storage (retrieval). It is suitable to be built underground around large houses, and is also suitable for airports, stations, downtown commercial central areas, gymnasiums, office buildings, and other areas and other areas.
  • Mini lifting parking has the advantages of simple structure and easy operation. It can make full use of underground space. The area utilization rate is more than twice. It is mostly used around residential and office buildings.
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