Lifting Sliding Parking runs successfully in Inner Mongolia China
Lifting Sliding Parking runs successfully in Inner Mongolia China
Dec 20 2021

Lifting Sliding Parking runs successfully in inner Mongolia China

  • This is a new residential area parking project located in Inner Mongolia China. The residential area adopts the modern architectural style, which endows the simplicity and fashion of the current buildings. 38% of the green space rate has been reasonably planned and utilized. The surrounding area of the project is adjacent to Riverside Park, hospital, primary school and other parking needs are tight.

  • In order to meet the parking needs of residents and surrounding areas, the BL Smart parking solution was selected after many investigations and scheme comparisons finally. 2 layers-underground structure lifting sliding parking systems are adopted, with a total of 272 smart parking spaces added. Multiple entrances and exits are configured, which can enter and exit directly, making vehicle access more convenient.

  • High space utilization, whole process intelligent control, simple, fast, and safe operation, noise-free operation, energy conservation, and environmental protection these strengths that greatly solve the parking needs around communities and schools, reduce parking pressure, improve residents' travel conditions, and helps to improve the overall image of the new urban area.

  • With the increasing maturity and innovation of stereo garage industry technology, it will play a more and more important role in the field of intelligent transportation and intelligent parking and benefit more and more urban residents We are very honored to have the chance to supply our solutions to you. We supply the whole process service for smart parking systems: design, manufacture, purchase, installation, commissioning, worker training, technique upgrading, and after-sales service.

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