Self-Propelled Steel Structure Parking
Self-Propelled Steel Structure Parking
Tangshan Baole Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is one of the toppest Self-Propelled Steel Structure Parking in China.During these years of exporting , Tangshan Baole Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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The steel structure self-propelled three-dimensional parking garage is suitable for the open space with enough space and area. It can be designed as Multi-storey above ground or underground. There are ramp lanes between each floor, and vehicles can directly drive to each floor for parking. Each parking space covers an average area of 24 square meters, including driveway, and the roof can be added with rain shelter. The car lift can also be added to save the space of slope lane and improve the access speed of vehicles.

Main advantages

1. All steel structure or steel structure plus concrete structure, light and beautiful, low cost, short construction period, safe and reliable;

2. Simple and compact design, the flexible assembly according to the actual length (Covering an area of more than 600 square meters);

3. Convenient in and out of the garage, without any mechanical transmission device;

4. It can be developed into two, three, or four floors in the high space, and can also be expanded underground to greatly increase the parking space. The top floor can be greened to increase the green area;

5. Low carbon and environmental protection. (Detachable, reusable) No maintenance costs are involved in the later stage.

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