Puzzle Parking Ready For Running
Puzzle Parking Ready For Running
Mar 03 2022

Puzzle Parking Ready For Running

  • Recently BL Smart parking has completed the production and quality inspection of one set of 6 floors puzzle parking and successfully installed them in the Client's factory.

  • Due to the limited area and more parking spaces request. we have customized the puzzle parking solution. It has fewer land spaces occupied, high space utilization, safe and reliable equipment, and high traveling speed, 8-12 meters/minute traveling speed makes platforms move to the desired position with half-minute and dramatically reduces users’ waiting time. fully automatic PLC control, Operated by buttons, IC card.

  • It is suitable for office buildings, residential areas, hospitals, commercial areas.

  • Until now, the puzzle parking has been successfully installed and the system will be commissioned next week, It is expected that it can be run smoothly by the end of this month.

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