Overview of BL Parking Projects in 2023
Overview of BL Parking Projects in 2023
Feb 02 2024

1. Vertical Rotary Parking System-Hospital

  • Luanzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was founded in 1982 and is one of the first second-class traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in China. The hospital covers an area of 50 acres with a building area of 21500 square meters, undertaking the heavy medical, scientific research, and teaching tasks of the province. However, due to the relatively lagging infrastructure and insufficient parking space allocation, the roads inside and outside the hospital are congested and difficult to travel.

  • To adapt to the increase in outpatient and emergency visits and inpatient parking spaces, BL Smart Parking Co,.Ltd has customized an overall 7-floor smart parking solution for the hospital.

  • After being put into use, more than 5 times parking spaces have been added compared to before the renovation, providing faster, safer, and more user-friendly services for medical parking. At the same time, it greatly alleviates the dynamic traffic pressure around the hospital

2. Horizontal Shifting Parking System- Commercial complex

  • It is a high-end commercial complex project that integrates Grade A office buildings, commercial properties, and five-star hotels, equipped with international intelligent devices. There are many white-collar workers and private vehicles nearby, and parking spaces are very scarce.

  • Through the BL Smart Parking Solution, simply swipe your card at the entrance and exit located on the ground to complete vehicle access. In conjunction with mobile apps, it is possible to make appointments for car access and enhance the intelligent experience for customers.

  • While meeting the parking needs of white-collar workers, it also greatly alleviates the dynamic traffic pressure in commercial complexes and surrounding areas

3. Mini Lifting Parking System- Residence Area

  • The residential area with a large population, has limited space and insufficient parking spaces, often occupying the passage for parking, resulting in difficulties in-vehicle access and seriously affecting the convenience of movement.

  • BL Smart Parking Co, Ltd has customized 4-column mini-lifting parking system solutions, and more than 230 parking spaces will be added without affecting the original building layout.

  • It significantly solves residents' parking problems and improves the residents's parking ways.

4. Puzzle Parking System-Museum

  • The museum is located on the west side of the Wenji Building in the Luanzhou Ancient City, a 4A national scenic spot, with a very high flow of people and vehicles. The museum compound has limited space and insufficient parking spaces. Parking passages are often occupied, making it difficult for citizens to enter and exit vehicles, seriously affecting the urban landscape.

  • Through BL PARKING SYSTEM SOLUTION, which contains minus one plus one mechanical parking equipment to increase the parking space to meet the people parking demand.

  • Now all museum vehicles are managed uniformly in the garage and equipped with dedicated passages, which also solves the parking difficulty and museum parking management problems. The government is very satisfied with the plan we designed.

5. Puzzle Parking System-City Park

  • The City Park in Hebei Province is located in the southeast of the county seat. It was founded in 2003 and covers an area of 1053 acres, including 1000 acres of green space, with a green space rate of 94.86%, Numerous tourists and high demand for parking

  • To alleviate the urban shortage, BL Smart Parking has designed a 3-floor puzzle parking system. Not only has it added a large number of parking spaces, but it also has a sense of technology and a good user experience. It is convenient, fast, safe, land-saving, and energy-saving.

  • The local government had been working hard to find Enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and consulting many parking suppliers. But they had never found a satisfactory one until they found us. We have received high praise and recognition for our parking system from Client

6. Puzzle Parking System-Office building

  • The project is located in the Philippines, which has narrow roads and limited height, the original area of the company's courtyard was limited, and parking spaces were tight, which brought a lot of inconvenience to the daily work and life of employees.

  • BL Smart Parking effectively expands the available area by utilizing three-dimensional space, which solves the parking problem of the company and greatly facilitates the employees and visiting customers of the company. It also realizes the high-end of vehicle storage and improves the parking experience of employees.

  • After putting it to use, the parking system runs smoothly. The customer is very satisfied with our equipment

7. Puzzle Parking System-Botanic Gardens

  • It is located in a bustling commercial area, adjacent to the intersection of Jiankang Road and Pingjiangfu Road, surrounded by subway entrances and bus stops, the flow of people and vehicles is very high, shortage of parking spaces in the Botanical Garden has brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens and tourists.

  • To improve the parking problem, the government provides residents with parking experience and attracts other tourists. The parking solution was designed, produced, and installed by BL SMART PARKING CO., Ltd closely follows the theme of the park, and the parking lot is integrated with the park. which will become a beautiful landscape for city construction!

  • It not only solves the parking problem but also attracts more visitors to the Park.

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