• Our services touch every corner of the world, and users everywhere can get thoughtful and meticulous services. BL smart parking respects and understands customers continue to provide products and services that exceed customers' expectations and become customers' forever friends and partners, which is the service concept we have always adhered to and advocated. BL always stands in the position of customers to research, design, and improve services. Improve the service system, strengthen the pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services, and help customers solve various problems in the use of goods in a timely manner, so that customers feel great convenience.

Our One Stop Service

  • Consulting & Designing

    • Parking engineering design
    • 70+ R&D personnels
    • Professional design software

  • Manufacturing

    • ERP management system
    • CNC machine tools
    • QR code tracking

  • Packing & Shipping

    • Specific packing
    • Pre-assembly at factory
    • Optimum loading method

  • Installation

    • Professional installation team
    • High precision and efficiency
    • Operation support

  • After-sale

    • Operation training
    • 1 year warranty
    • Regular revisit


Three methods to deal with the installation job

  • Free Method

    We supply the online guildence, and you organize the local labor team to installation under our guidance, we will not charge for this online service. and the parking system is easy to be done in this way.

  • Most Economic Method

    We will send 2-3 engineers to go on-site and guide your local labor to do the installation, the engineers will charge 200USD/person/day due to the project situation, the round trip air ticket, accommodation, and food will be afforded by your side.

  • Whole Package

    we will send the whole team of 10-12 people to do all the installation jobs for you. each will charge 200 USD/ Person/day due to the project situation and the working time allowed by local policy, the round trip air ticket, accommodation, and food will be afforded by your side.

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