Smart Parking System’s Parking Skills
Smart Parking System’s Parking Skills
Jun 23 2022
  • With the increase of various vehicles in the city, the demand for parking facilities is also increasing. the Smart Parking System can well solve the problem of parking in the city. The parking skills are shared as follows:

Smart Parking System’s Parking Skills

  • Find parking space according to the size of your vehicle

    Most of the smart parking systems have clear restrictions on the length, width, height, and weight of the parked vehicles. The common smart parking system has length standards of 4.7m, 5M, and 5.2m, which can meet 80% of the users in the market. However, if it is a medium-sized or large-scale car or luxury car, it is necessary to pay special attention to the length restrictions. Everyone can choose according to their needs.

  • Keep a vertical distance between the vehicle body and the parking space

    It is necessary to leave a certain distance between the car body and the parking space. If conditions permit, it is best to leave a space of about one lane. If the space is limited, try to ensure that there is a margin of about 2 meters, which is convenient for observation and detour. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the risk of scratching the side of the body and the parking system. In addition, when reversing, you should also pay attention to the distance between the front of the car and the obstacles in front, in case you only focus on the back, and the front bumper has collided.

  • Make full use of various auxiliary equipment in the vehicle

    When the vehicle is put into the parking space, the driver should pay more attention to the situation at the rear of the car. You can make full use of the reversing radar, reversing image and other functions in the car according to your own habits to help you determine the parking position.

  • Control the throttle and pass the limit band

    Generally speaking, because the limit belt has a slight slope, the driver needs to control the accelerator force and park the car safely in the position.

  • Pay attention to the distance from the top when opening the trunk

    When the vehicle is parked, please fold the rearview mirror when getting off the vehicle, so that it is convenient for you and the driver of the vehicle parked next to you to get on and off. When opening the rear compartment lid, be sure to pull it by hand to prevent it from suddenly bouncing up and hitting the guard plate or limit lever above the garage. If it is an electric rear compartment lid model, it should be controlled by pressing the key according to the actual situation.

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