Smart Parking's New Material Project Seminar
Smart Parking's New Material Project Seminar
Jul 05 2022

Smart Parking's New Material Project Seminar

  • On July 5, 2022, the on-site Seminar for new material smart parking projects was successfully held in BL Smart Parking Co, Ltd. the meeting was attended by the chairman and senior technical personnel of BL’s smart parking Co, Ltd, and two experts, Professor Li, and Professor Tian, both from Beijing University of technology.

  • The conference focused on the "lightweight composite material structure design and manufacturing and surface protective coating technology", and provided scientific and technical services to BL’s company, focusing on solving technical difficulties in essential industrial fields such as emergency and intelligent equipment manufacturing.

  • During the meeting, the chairman of BL Smart Parking expressed the demand for the improvement of new technologies, new materials, and new processes. Professor Li and Professor Tian introduced their respective scientific research achievements and areas of cooperation. In addition, the technical problems encountered by our company are deeply studied and discussed, combined with the theory and practical experience of the BL smart parking system project, and the professors provide reasonable solutions.

  • After the meeting, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the material and technology requirements of the parking system project. The two experts will focus on the adjustment of the future research direction according to the actual needs of BL’s project, which is of great significance for BL Company to realize the popularization of science and technology and accelerate the development of the enterprise.

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