What benefits does the development of smart parking industry bring?
What benefits does the development of smart parking industry bring?
Oct 09 2022

What benefits does the development of smart parking industry bring?

  • Improve the parking lot fee system

    The three-dimensional parking equipment makes full use of the price leverage, which can further narrow the government pricing area, and further promote the charging of new parking facilities for project investment of the full amount of private capital according to the form of the sales market. The three-dimensional parking equipment in the industry can follow economic laws and effective profit standards. Investors determine the charging standards in accordance with the agreement between the two parties to achieve a more transparent charging standard planning, and implement differentiated parking fees according to location and facility conditions. Better meet the needs of different consumer groups.

  • Improve the level of equipment manufacturing industry

    At present, our country encourages the smart parking equipment industry alliance to carry out technology research and development, and gradually improve the localization level of core equipment; the three-dimensional parking equipment industry with technical expertise and peace of mind is included in the list of high-end manufacturing industries, and relevant policy preferences are given to create an independent equipment brand; The rapid development of three-dimensional parking equipment has also included the product quality and after-sales service of parking equipment manufacturing enterprises into the evaluation indicators of the enterprise credit mechanism, better promoting its own brand to the world, and realizing the output of the superior production capacity of the three-dimensional garage company.

  • Promote intelligent parking informatization

    Before the completion of the three-dimensional parking equipment, it is necessary to fully understand the market capacity, establish a basic parking database, update the data in real-time and open it for sharing. Therefore, the three-dimensional parking equipment can promote high-tech systems such as parking systems, intelligent parking guidance systems, and professional automatic license plate retrieval systems. development and application; Strengthen the interconnection and resource sharing of different parking management systems, promote the integrated development of parking and the Internet by technical means, and realize the research and development and promotion of Internet parking applications on mobile intelligent terminals. Fully automatic toll payment and other functions, improve the utilization rate of parking resources and reduce the traffic demand caused by searching for parking spaces

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