What Is The Automated Parking System?
What Is The Automated Parking System?
Jun 15 2022

What is the automated parking system?

  • Automatic parking systems are structures where cars are stacked vertically to limit space. The designs of these unique systems help transport vehicles from the entrance to their parking space without the driver present.

  • How it works: Drivers take their cars to the entrance of the automatic parking system where all occupants exit the vehicle. From there, the vehicle is moved by mechanical maneuvers to an available space where it is automatically parked or parked by an attendant.

  • What is the Difference Between a Fully-Automated Parking System and a Semi-Automated Parking System?

  • The difference between a fully-automated parking system and a semi-automated parking system is whether or not it needs a parking attendant to drive or direct the cars into the machine. Fully-automated parking systems do not need an attendant, and the fully automated parking system's mechanical processes will transport vehicles from the start of the garage into an empty parking space

  • In contrast, Mechanical Parking Systems say that a semi-automated parking system will either require a parking attendant to drive the car into the machine or assist in parking the car after it arrives at a parking space.

  • Also, fully-automated parking system typically accommodate parking structures that hold 100 cars or more, whereas semi-automated parking systems accommodate parking structures that hold less than 100 vehicles. Both semi- and fully automated systems can be customized to fit into your specific property.

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